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The Debatables (Chapter One)

Sunday, November 27th, 2011

I am planning on releasing the chapters to my first novel, The Debatables, as I edit them (which means whenever I manage to get some free time). There are 31 chapters so this may take awhile.  My motivation to release the novel came as I watched the Occupy Wall Street protests and started to reminisce on my days at Chico filled with exploration, protests,  and a strong desire to change the world. I then remembered I had a novel about those times and decided polish it up and bit. I wrote this novel while attending Chico State and it is a humorous journey through college life at Chico State University in the late-Eighties.  Society seemed at disarray, the future seemed troublesome and the desire for fun was paramount. Join Mart as he explores the wild world of Chico at its prime.


Pages: 25
Author: Ted Harris
Published 2011

Vampire Kitties

Saturday, October 1st, 2011

Vampire Kitties. For ages humanity has had to live with the threat of vampires sucking our life giving blood from our very own veins. This fact is well known. But few humans know of the threat posed by the dreaded Vampire Kitties. These cursed but adorable bundles of fur have been, unsuccessfully, stalking humanity for hundred of years. Join two such cursed and cuddly creatures on their never-ending quests for human blood. Sure they have fangs but their over-whelming desire for cuteness usually wins out.

Vampire Kitties by Ted Harris

Pages: 24
Authors: Ted Harris
First published: 2011

Peter, Mike, John and Diana

Saturday, July 17th, 2010

Have you ever thought your minivan was out to get you? Well, you may just be right. This is just one the many dangers facing John Mike, Dinah and Peter in their journey of self discovery to a Giants game.

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Pages: 33
Author: Ted Harris
First published: 2008