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Monthly Archives: August 2011

Self Cleaning

Signs I Like -Head Banger

Shore break Sign -Hawaii We see this sign all over Hawaii and get a kick out of it each time.  It is the playfulness that I love.  And as a warning sign it works beautifully, in no way what so ever would you want to experience what is happening in the image.

Sharing is Hard

Model T

I came across this model T on my walk and had to put up a post about it. I have always loved the Ford Model T. Not only was it a revolutionary piece of technology for its day, I think it is just wonderful to look at. A perfect blend of function and form, Tin Lizzies (what owners lovingly referred to them as) are fun to explore with your eye. Every curve and detail has a functional purpose yet blends in perfectly with all the other piece. This makes the model T feel more like a unified work of art or an organic thing while other cars of its era often felt like collections of machinery on wheels encase in a ton of chrome. In many ways the model T’s design reminds me of modern day Apple computers; both design are the intersection of technology and elegance.

Model T Front View

Model T

Model T Backview

Model T

Early Cat

Finding One is Easy, Keeping One…

Graffiti I Like -Anime Guy



This stencil can be found in the back streets above Polk street in San Francisco. It has the blend of Asian and West Coast art that is now persuasive in the San Francisco art scene. I love this piece for how  beautifully kitsch it is and for its great use of hair.

Horse and Man