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Monthly Archives: December 2011

City Squirrel

Graffiti I Like -Jelly Fish

This was found in Hayes Valley in San Francisco.  The Jelly fish are perfect with the tentacles seeming dancing in an ocean current.  I don’t know why but having three just makes it work. 


Werewolf Camping


Monster Stroll





Graffiti I Like -Girls Kiss

This stencil can still be seen on the street across from Dolores park in San Francisco.  There are numerous version through about the Mission Districts.  They first appeared about eight years ago and I have not seen a fresh version in a number of years.  This photo is my best one of a fresh version- but I admit it is not a great shot.

 I like this stencil because I think it is a commentary on how Society starts forcing “norms” on children at a very early age.  I have a daughter and I am beginning to see how culture tries to limit the horizon’s of girls. This is something I have to fight daily. I have another friend who hates this stencil because, in his opinion it sexualizes children. One of the most frustrating things for me, while I was temporally an art major, was how the message of my art when more under the control of its viewers then myself. Now I realize I should have just been happy anyone cared enough to have an opinion about my work.