Unleashing Janus

Unleashing Janus tells the story of the struggle to give birth to a artificial intelligence with a conscious machine and the hopes for a new world. The creators of this intelligent machine, code-named Janus, are a secret society of dedicated hackers. Many fear their creation; others, led by a mysterious agency, will stop at nothing to control it. The story centers around the life of one member of this secret society, Alex. Just as the creation is about to be unleashed, a developing romance forces Alex to choose between her dream and the love she has yearned for.

Unleashing Janus by Ted Harris

Pages: 306
Author: Ted Harris
First published: 2007

7 thoughts on “Unleashing Janus

  1. Cool but very different from the rest of the site. Sort of like Bourne Identity meets a philosophy text book.

  2. Just found you through a Project Wonderful ad and I just finished the first chapter. I’m liking it so far. Very interesting use of social engineering with the webcam scene.

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